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Jovem Pan – Na Balada: Vol. 12

Jovem Pan – Na Balada: Vol. 12

Artista: Jovem Pan
Álbum: Na Balada: Vol. 12
Tamanho: 150 Mb


CD 01
01. World, Hold On. Bob Sinclar Feat Steve Edwards
02. Shinning Star. Get Far
03. Crazy. DJ Mc Fear
04. Everytime We Touch. Cascada
05. Thunder In My Heart Again. Meck feat. Leo Sayer
06. Waiting For Tonight. Lil Love
07. I Live On My Own. Horizon
08. Movin’ On. Ian Van Dahl
09. Catch. Blank & Jones
10. Perfection. Dannii Minogue & The Soul Seekerz
11. Unity. East End
12. So Much Love To Give. Freeloaders feat The Real Thing
13. Together. Fraud Squad
14. You Can Do It. Harlem Hustlers
15. Breakout. Garda
16. Alright. Red Carpet

CD 02
01. Shake It!. Kasino
02. West End Girls. Starchaser
03. Take Yo Praise. DJ Joe K featuring Prix
04. Let’s Get Down. Supafly vs Fishbow
05. Love Changes(Everthing). Musikk feat John Rock
06. Fly Away. Jean Claude Ades
07. S.O.S.. MC YA
08. That Love. Miami Lovers
09. WaIting For A Star To Fall. Plaza People
10. Groove Life. Smog
11. It’s Over Now. Big Ang feat Siobhan
12. Out Of Touch. TK
13. Don’t Want No Short Dick Man. CJ Gee
14. Walk Away. DB
15. Rock The Casbah. Interface

CD 01 CD 02

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Yu1BGkb2j2E/TL5KGPSjMLI/AAAAAAAAAE4/jZ4jTKSdtAI/s320/5kn4zn.jpg.png http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Yu1BGkb2j2E/TL5KGPSjMLI/AAAAAAAAAE4/jZ4jTKSdtAI/s320/5kn4zn.jpg.png

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