terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010

Damnation (PC/RIP/Multi-4)

Damnation greatest achievement is to make steampunk look bad. Even the normally cold mixing of fantasy and sci-fi can not save mess developer Blue Omega Entertainment, a third person shooter. 
Besides the intriguing historical setting that combines alt-robots with the Civil War, everything about this game is inept. 
                                                        The fight is an exercise in repetitive movements sad when you arm awkwardly enemies who have theintelligence of ducks at the carnival shooting games.
                          Ugly levels, difficult to see him acting as a kind of cowboy take Spider-Man and jumping around the buildings that make much sense of architecture as beam levels in Donkey Kong. 
And the entertainment was also remaining minimum bled out of the game with horrible graphics, frame rates, unstable and shrill sound effects.

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