domingo, 17 de outubro de 2010

McAfee VirusScan® Command Line Scanner


McAfee VirusScan® Command Line Scanner offers advanced anti-virus scanning technology in a UNIX-based or Microsoft Windows-based utility. You get comprehensive threat detection and cleaning with command-line granular control.

  • Proven anti-virus technology
  • VirusScan Command Line Scanner detects a wide range of viruses and malicious code threats, even in compressed files; using advanced heuristics and generic detection, VirusScan even protects against emerging threats
  • Powerful memory scanning
  • With VirusScan Command Line, you get on-demand and scheduled in-memory scanning for viruses, worms, and Trojans; you can protect your systems from threats which do not write their code to disk
  • Command line control
  • VirusScan Command Line Scanner offers the degree of control available only with a command line utility; it runs on Windows/DOS or a variety of UNIX platforms.


Tamanho: 62Mb
Formato: Rar
Facilidade de uso: 10
Interface Gráfica: 10
Nº de mídias:
Idioma: Inglês


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